GVM14XH01 is the best performance DAB/DAB+/DMB-A/FM-RDS radio receiver at lower cost in the current radio markets using the latest RF embedded SoC (System on a Chip), GL3140.

The module is optimized for battery powered portable radios by supporting RTC operation, battery level check and automatic power-on/off function. The module consumes very low current not only for normal operation but also for RTC operation. It consumes only under 1uA supply current in case of RTC operation.

The module integrates most of the functions to implement radios. The manufacturers need only a power supply, display, keypad, audio amplifier and speaker to implement a product such as portable radio, clock radio, kitchen radio and so on.

The software development kit (SDK) covers from the RTOS to UI application with middleware libraries such as DLS, Journaline, SLS and EPG. The manufacturers may customize their own applications on the SDK. The built-in UI application allows the customers to implement their own UI scenarios effectively. It also supports an UMS device for the end user to update FW easily.

    Digital Tick Mark ref. 2015039 (domestic application)

  • DAB/DAB+/DMB-A/FM-RDS receiver
  • Covers whole Brand-III/FM
  • ETSI 300 401 compliant
  • DAB+ (ETI TS 102 563)
  • TII decoding
  • Seamless dynamic reconfiguration
  • FM-RDS support
  • RTC
  • Digital audio output(SPDIF) and analog audio output
  • Bluetooth supporting via UART
  • LCD supports : Color LCD(320x240, GVM142H), Dot Matrix (128x64), Character LCD (2x16)
  • USB 2.0 device for user to update FW
  • Remote-controller interface
  • 3 channel 10-bit ADC for key sensing, battery check-up
  • GPIOs for key input or rotary switches
  • Supply voltages: 3.3V (optional 1.2V)
  • RoHS compliant