Perfect Automotive application with Highly-Advanced technologies

  • Seamless DAB to FM (GL3512D, GL3511S)
  • Seamless DAB to DAB Service Following (GL3512D)

GL351X is a DAB/DAB+/DMB-audio baseband and audio processor for automotive applications, where both DAB to DAB and FM to DAB service followings are required. It integrates dual enhanced hardwired Eureka-147 demodulators and a programmable audio decoder which supports various formats, such as MUSICAM, HE-AAC V2 as well as MP3, WMA into a single chip. With this dedicated architecture, GL351X supports seamless switching between two audio streams with the same contents.When service following takes place between DAB, DAB+, DMB-Audio and FM services, GL351X can detect time difference between two same audio contents and jump to the synchronous point, so the audio contents can be presented without discontinuity.

A 32-bit RISC processor is also embedded to take care of internal operation as well as user applications. GL351X also includes an internal SDRAM, so that no external working memory is required.

GL351X is designed to operate in slave mode where it can be controlled using serial interface (SPI, I2C, UART). Flexible product configuration is supported by enriched interface such as serial interfaces including I2C, SPI, UART and IrDA, I2S based audio input and output interfaces, and non-volatile memory interfaces (NAND flash, SD/MMC).

Block diagram

Digital Tick Mark

  • GL3511S ref 2014067 (vehicle application)
  • GL3512D ref 2014156 (vehicle application)

RF Interface

  • Digital I/F support through I2S
  • Analog I/F support (Low-IF)

Dual Demodulator

  • DAB (ETSI EN 300 401), DAB+ (ETSI TS 102 563)
  • All transmission mode support, mode I, II, III and IV
  • Fast sync acquisition
  • Two Diversity support (GL3512D Single DAB mode)

Service Following Engine

  • Seamless DAB to FM (GL3512D, GL3511S)
  • Seamless DAB to DAB Service Following (GL3512D)

High-Performance TII Decoder

  • Supports Region based Announcement
  • Supports Faster Service Following

Host Interface

  • I2C, UART, Multi-IO SPI

Power Consumption

  • 72mW (Dual DAB+ case)

GL351X Series

GL351X Series
Items GL3512D GL3511S
PKG 169B, 11.0 x 11.0 mm2 (0.8 mm pitch)
Baseband Dual Single
Service Following Seamless
DAB to FM & DAB to DAB
Seamless DAB to FM