Digital Radio




Why ANC ?

People would like to listen anywhere, even in noisy environment.

ANC Concept

Generates anti-noise signal which has 180 degree phase difference from noise

Noise cancelling by superposition of two anti-phase signals

Enables to enjoy listening to music without volume up by lowering the surrounding noise

By implementation method

Analog vs. Digital

Feed-forward vs. Feed-back

Noise Environment

Most of energy is located in low frequency band, so reducing low frequency noise is important

Feed-back shows better performance in reducing low frequency noise

Noise Environment

Application Type Description
Phone or tablet
Built-in ANC
ANC ready earphone

Phone or tablet with built-in ANC chip

No batteries in the earphone

Suitable for bundle earphone

Common type
phone or tablet
earphone w / ANC & battery

ANC chip in the earphone with battery

No need battery for USB Type-C

Mid to High-priced earphone

Common type
phone or tablet
BT earphone w / ANC

Since BT module has a battery,
only adding ANC chip