Seamless DAB to FM Service Following (GL3142)
Tri-Band RF Tuner integrated, Low power consumption DAB SoC

GL314X is a low-power DAB/DAB+/DMB-audio/FM/MP3 baseband and audio processor with RF tuner for portable receivers and conventional receivers including kitchen radio. When an external FM receiver is connected, seamless service following between FM and DAB is possible. It integrates a triple-band RF tuner, an enhanced hardwired Eureka-147 demodulator, a FM/RDS demodulator, a programmable audio decoder which supports various formats, such as MUSICAM, HE-AAC V2 and OGG and a display controller into a single chip. An embedded 32-bit RISC processor takes care of internal operation as well as user applications. GL314X also integrates various analog and mixed-signal IPs such as audio DAC, USB 2.0 PHY, ADC, RTC, PLL, LDO and POR. These IPs minimize the requirement of external components. It also includes 2M or 8M byte SDRAM, so that no external working memory is required. For the SDRAM capacity, it is recommended to refer to the detail information of each device.

GL314X can be utilized in either slave or master mode. In the slave mode, it can be controlled using various serial interfaces (SPI, I2C or UART). Flexible product configuration is supported by enriched interfaces such as serial interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART and IrDA), USB 2.0 high/full speed device, USB full/low speed host, SD card interface, LCD/local interface, I2S and SPDIF.

The software development kit (SDK) covers from the RTOS to some application decoders such as SLS/DLS, EPG and TPEG. MOT/TDC protocol decoder, file system, graphic library are also provided along with wide range board specific packages.

Especially, the low power architecture of GL314X is well suited for portable devices.

Block diagram

Digital Tick Mark ref. 2014071 (domestic application)

RF Tuner

  • Triple-Band RF : FM, Band-III, L-Band

Eureka-147 & FM Demodulator

Audio Decoder

  • MPEG Audio L2, 48K/24K sample rate
  • MP3/WMA playback
  • Voice Recording, Equalizer
  • I2S / SPDIF


  • 32bit RISC CPU up to 100Mhz
  • RTOS

Service Following Engine

  • Seamless DAB to FM (GL3142)

Additional Features

  • LDO regulator
  • Audio DAC
  • - 96dB Dynamic Range and -86dB THD* D/A Conversion
  • - Power-on/off Pop-Suppression
  • - Line output(L/R), Headset output(L/R)


  • Host interface : I2C, UART, Multi-IO SPI
  • USB 2.0 Device, USB 1.1 Host

Power Consumption

  • 103mW (DAB/DAB+ w/ DAC)

GL314X Series

GL314X Series
Items GL3140 GL3142
PKG 169B, 11mm * 11mm 169B, 11mm * 11mm
Pin Compatible
Radio Reception
  • - GL3140A : FM, Band-III
  • - GL3140S : Band-III, L-band
  • - GL3142A : FM, Band-III
  • - GL3142S : Band-III, L-band
  • - MOT/SLS support
  • - Recording/ Playback support
  • - Seamless DAB-FM S/F